Shilpa c, student, Apeejay Institue Of Mass Communication

Board results are out and students have to take an important decison about their careers. With every passing day media industry is flourishing.So all those students who are at a brink of a career decision and hoping to make a mark in media sector should note that India’s media industry is undergoing a major transition. The viewership and readership of both electronic and print media have
increased rapidly in the past decade. This transition makes it an interesting career option for youngsters.An individual can choose to go for either electronic media or print media.Further,they can specialize in fields of their interests like sports,bollywood,share market etc.
An individual can either opt for an under graduate or post graduate course.
Major universities providing degree
The Indian media sector is undergoing a lot of changes which are reflected in its recruitment and opportunities for newbies in the sector.Thus,there is a promise for more diversity with increasing competion which adds up to a great career to ‘bank on’.