Rashmi Sharma, student, Apeejay Institute Of Mass Communication

Cheating has become a common practice in schools and colleges. By every now and then we see incidents in which students are caught
cheating red-handed in their exam. But this time cheating has taken a new role in which technology has played a major role. Two MBA
graduates from Jamia and IIMT, Meerut acted as MBBS student and sat for all India PG medical exams conducted by AIIMS. Both of them strapcell phones to their wrists concealed under shirt sleeves and captured images of question paper. Special software automatically transfers photos to an email id after capturing the images. The main accused Mohit chaudhary, a 2nd year MBBS student on receiving the pictures through e-mail solve the questions with the help of books and seniors and then the answers were dictated to candidates giving exams who had Bluetooth devices stitched near their collar and were wearing micro- earplug. The students reportedly paid 30 to 40 lakhs to the accused for passing the PG exam.