Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Speaking on the EC’s order to cover the elephant statues placed in the state, BSP said that EC is partial in its order. Mishra in his letter to Election Commissioner S.Y Quraishi asks it to reconsider the decision. He also said thet EC to hold free and fair elections and it should maintain Article 14 i.e. “Right to Equality”.

Before also Mishra said that if EC wants to cover the statues of elephant it should also cover the Lotus, Cycles and Hands too as they also represent different parties. Adding to this he also said that there are elephant statues on the pillar tops at Rashtrapati Bhavan and even above the speaker’s chair in the parliament”.

He said that EC to reconsider his decision and BSP should be given equal opportunity to hold Assembly elections.