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Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

On the order made by the Delhi High Court to the 21 social networking sites including Google, Facebook, Yahoo to block the objectionable material from their website or India will become China and block the websites, today got a blow. Google India’s advocate N.K Kaul said to the court that, “the issue relates to a constitutional issue of freedom of speech and expression and suppressing it was not possible as the right to freedom of speech in India separates us from a totalitarian regime like China”.

He also said that it’s difficult to understand the content also as one word can be used in different ways, giving example of the word virgin he said, it can be virgin airlines, or phones, and it can be anything else.

During the last hearing, all accused 21 social networking sites were warned to remove the objectionable content or India like China will block them all. Though it was said that it’s not easy to monitor and filter the content as millions of users are there who upload the content on the internet.