Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to Punjab for campaigning for upcoming elections directly attacked the SADBJP runned government by Prakash Singh Badal saying that, “Punjab was once a front runner in all spheres had now fallen behind”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during election rally in Amritsar said, “Punjab was a golden land till a few years ago. The state was front runner for many years and had done wonders in agriculture, industrial sector, and food production.” He also said that, “Punjab had no parallel in culture but around the world. But, now it lags behind.”

Manmohan Singh blamed the SAD-BJP for the fall of Punjab from number one state. He even said that even the neighbouring state Harayana had left behind Punjab. He also said that Punjab saw a development during the Congress rule from 2002-2007. He also said that the type of development that took place during the Badal government was only of “unemployment” & “power problem” and with this education and healh sector also left untouched by it.