Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Jail is the destination for the Chinese Journalist for “inciting subversion” to “revealing state secrets“, this is what the Human Rights Watch reports reveal, as many as 34 Chinese Journalist were jailed in 2011 for the same.

China has a strict censorship system which is aimed at rooting out information deemed a threat to the ruling Communist Party. Even in the annual report of Human Rights Watch it is mentioned that, “censorship restrictions continue to pose a threat to journalists whose reporting oversteps official guidelines.” HRW also said in its report that physical violence against journalists who reported on sensitive topics also remained a problem last year.

Even a journalist named Qi Chonghuai, whose original four-year jail sentence in 2008 for “extortion and blackmail” after he exposed government corruption in the eastern province of Shandong was extended by eight years last year.