Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

During Rahul Gandhi’s election rally in Dehradun a youth throwed a shoe on him. Though the shoe didn’t hit Congress General Secretary, Rahul Gandhi as it felled 10metres away from him.

This was an act of a youth named Kuldip, he was arrested by the police on the spot and taken to custody. Similar incidence took place two days before in Dehradun when a man named Kishan Lal threw a slipper on the Team Anna members.The Jammu Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah also commented on this incidence through micro-blogging site Twitter by saying, “he like the Rahul’s reaction on shoe throwing ‘phenko, phenko, ek aur phenko’ (throw, throw one more).”Rahul Gandhi asked the police “don’t hit him.”

This is not the first time when Rahul’s rally was hurdled but day before his rally was obstruct by youth by raising black flags, even Rahul Gandhi’s posters were also burnt due to his comments on Uma Bharti.

Rahul during his rally in Rishikesh asked, “Why the current chief minister was removed in his earlier stint if he is so badly needed now? He also asked, “”BJP may need Khanduriji but people of the state don’t need him, they need development. I want to ask BJP if he (Khanduri) is so badly needed then why he was removed (in 2009)” He also attacked BJP for adopting double standards on the issue of corruption.