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Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Angry Salman Rushdie over his cancellation of video address during the Jaipur literature Festival bursts at the Centre and the Rajasthan government too. Rushdie said, “Whether India was moving towards totalitarianism like China by allowing extremist groups to dictate terms.”

The controversial writer Salman Rushdie also said that,” he would come to India whenever his busy schedule permits without allowing , these religious gangsters and their cronies in the government to stop me” and asked the government to “deal with it”.

Salman said that, “Everyone says it’s connected to the UP elections and the desire to collect Muslim votes… I have been coming and going a lot. Suddenly, let alone my physical presence, even on-screen is unacceptable, shocking.”

Even commenting on the E-mail that he received by the police regarding death threats on him and in which names of few were mentioned, Rushdie said “two of the three were non-existent names, The Centre denied it, The Mumbai Police denied it. Some in Rajasthan denied it. But I was sent this (email) with knowledge of senior officials. It is a very, very poor state of affairs.”