Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

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Image via Wikipedi

Baba Ramdev asked people to vote for BJP and CPI in upcoming Assembly Elections in the 5 poll bound states. Ramdev wrote letters to various political parties asking their approval of the various points mentioned by him which also include declaration of the black money stashed in foreign banks, on this letter only two parties replied which include BJP nod CPI. Both parties gave their acceptance to the Baba Ramdev’s seven demands.

Ramdev said he would soon visit election-bound states of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab and make a similar appeal to voters. He made an appeal to the people, “Give your vote to those parties who want to save the country and bring back the black money to the country and reject other parties,”

He also said that,” Those parties, which are not supporting and accepting the genuine issues of bringing back black money and corruption, must be rejected in the elections as their intentions are bad.”