Kingfisher Airlines Airbus A319

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Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

This seems a big holi gift for the crisis ridden Kingfisher Airlines that the oil companies has resumed fuel supply to Kingfisher Airlines after receiving full payment from the Airlines

Day before oil companies pulled supply  from KFA due to non-payment which gave a big shock to the KFA and with this the International Air Transport Association also barred the agents from booking any KFA’s flights.

Six kingfisher fights were delayed on Wednesday due to absence of fuel supply at Mumbai and thus passengers suffered in a big way.

Kingfisher Airlines also got warning from the IATA on the same earlier also, which resulted in barring of its services on Wednesday, but KFA has promised to pay back the debts as soon as possible.

Already 19 accounts of KFA are frozen, Income Tax department has recovered 23 crore from KFA so far and soon they will attach its property also in the same.