Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Victory seems not just enough for choosing the CM of a state, the suspense continues on who will take the responsibility of CM of Uttar Preadesh? Exit poll and poll result giving the same equation of SP’s victory in the 2012 elections, giving a thunder shock to parties like BSP, Congress and BJP who ended their campaign blaming each other which gave a narrow escape for  Samajwadi party for the victory in these election.

The entire credit goes to the young leader Akhilesh Yadav son of Mulayam Singn Yadav who on his cycle gathered votes of the people and now who has become the voice of youth. But the suspense in the party continues over who will head and take party to further enlightenment by becoming the CM, while Akhilesh says in every interview that he and party workers wants Netaji i.e. Mulayam singh to be the CM but there is a big confusion over that as many party members say that they want Akhilesh to head as the CM of the state.

As till now there is no confirmation on who will head as the CM as party has decided to take final decision after Holi till then the mystery for all continues on this matter.