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Women gangraped

Pooja Sareen

A women in her early twenties was gangraped and then was dumped in Nehru place on Saturday early morning. She was raped all Friday night and then dumped. According to sources she was returning from the Jaitpur in South-East Delhi she was waiting for a bus to Najafgarh, when a youth offered her a lift.

He was accompanied with few other of his friends in the way they took her to a barren place in Nehru place then raped her in a house in Madanpur Khadar in South Delhi. She was raped by 5 men.

Medical examination revealed a sexual assault. Many such cases of gang rape has come into light  recently in Delhi, one where two men raped women and dumped in Nehru place and another where a women was raped and killed.


Doctor raped women

Pooja Sareen

Doctor from Delhi’s Mayur Vihar has been held for raping a 30-year-old women. The two were friends from long, met when women came to him for treatment since then they were in close contacts.

Doctor also proposed her for marriage, on women’s last visit to his place on May15 he tried to get intimate with her but women resisted it but he gave her drugs and then raped her.

Women filed police complaint on the same day, after medical examination police confirmed rape. Case of rape and with that case of cheating can also be booked against the doctor.

Facebook post led to stabbing

Pooja Sareen

A picture posted on facebook can led you in a big trouble, something like this happened in Delhi, where a class tenth student was stabbed by his friend for a post on facebook.

The accused stabbed his classmate with a paper cutter in school. He stabbed him 6 times slashing through the vein, he was admitted to the ganga ram hospital where an operation was conducted immediately. He is out of danger now.

The post that was uploaded was taken in a party which the victim cropped and uploaded on facebook, accused warned the victim by a text message that he will be attacked but he didn’t took it seriously and 2 days after he was attacked.

Pooja Sareen

Nupur Talwar’s bail plea extended to May22. CBI filed counter affidavit in the case, court granted one week’s time to Nupur’s cousel to file rejoinder affidavit.

In Supreme Court Nupur & Rajesh Talwar facing trial for the murder charge of their daughter Aarushi and domestic aid Hemraj asked the Supreme Court to re-investigate the case saying that they don’t want clean chit but they don’t want to face trial for someone else’s act.

Pinaki Misra, Talwar’s counsel requested the court to direct the agency to conduct DNA test of several articles in foreign laboratories which would conclusively establish whether an outsider made a friendly entry into the flat or not.

Pooja Sareen

4 years ago on this day bodies of Aarushi Talwar, daughter of dentist couple and Hemraj, domestic help were found in the Talwar residence in Noida.

The case that went through various twists and turns, now has completed four years of investigations and murder. Parents of Aarushi, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are facing trial, they were made accused in murder and as well as in the disposal of weapons.

Rajesh is out on bail and Nupur is in Dasna jail, before Rajesh also faced imprisonment of 50 days. Three servants Krishna, Rajkumar, and Vijay Mandal were released as there were found innocent.

Talwars say that they are framed where as CBI says that it has enough evidence against the dentist couple.

Body found in Gunny bag

Pooja Sareen

A decomposed body of a man was found from Karol Bagh stuffed in a gunny bag last evening.

Senior police officer said,” the body had a jean, a t-shirt, a black socks on it..he may be murdered  a few days ago. It appears that man was killed elsewhere and body was dumped here’’.

Body has multiple injuries, identity of the person is still not known. Cause of death is also not known, but according to police he may have been strangled. Police is investigating the matter.

Pooja Sareen

In a big drama at India Gate a 25-year-old women threatened the police to kill herself by drinking acid. She reached Boat Club and jumped in the pool behind Krishi Bhawan and started shouting . Women has lodged complaint of missing husband, taking this step to blame police for its inaction in doing something. She said that if police would not do anything she will drink acid.

Women was stopped by the police and immediately taken to the hospital for check up. Police has informed her family, women has also stated an allegation on her mother in law for torturing her.

Pooja Sareen

The French tourist whose dead body was found in the room number 203 of Hindustan international deluxe in Pharganj was sexually abused by the accuse and also given drugs.

Laurine, who came to India on March19 from France was found dead in the guest house room which was booked on the name of Manzoor, who is accused.

Questioning Manzoor revealed that he gave laurine drug which makes one feel like having sex and then raped her a number of times.

When she died with the overdose of drugs and body started giving foul smell he hide the body in the bed and then fled to Kashmir.

Pooja Sareen

Noida’s health department had introduced a new way of keeping records of the newborns. Health department of Noida has insisted all the hospitals to use this measure for keeping records. Both the private and government hospitals are instructed to record child’s footprints just after birth. Doctors said 90% of the footprints are unique and thus are easy to use as identification mark.

Pooja Sareen

Nupur talwar, who is accused in the 2008’s double murder mystery of her daughter Aarushi Talwar and domestic aid Hemraj is nowadays staying in jail has started writing a book on this murder mystery.

Nupur Talwar is writing a book titled “Mystry behind Aarushi’s death-story of an unfortunate mother”. Nupur is jailed in the Ghaziabad’s Dasna jail is busy with writing this book spends most of the time in working on it, she says that she want to bring the reality in front of the public and if possible want it to get published too.