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Career in Media

Shilpa c, student, Apeejay Institue Of Mass Communication

Board results are out and students have to take an important decison about their careers. With every passing day media industry is flourishing.So all those students who are at a brink of a career decision and hoping to make a mark in media sector should note that India’s media industry is undergoing a major transition. The viewership and readership of both electronic and print media have
increased rapidly in the past decade. This transition makes it an interesting career option for youngsters.An individual can choose to go for either electronic media or print media.Further,they can specialize in fields of their interests like sports,bollywood,share market etc.
An individual can either opt for an under graduate or post graduate course.
Major universities providing degree
The Indian media sector is undergoing a lot of changes which are reflected in its recruitment and opportunities for newbies in the sector.Thus,there is a promise for more diversity with increasing competion which adds up to a great career to ‘bank on’.



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Pooja sareen- student, Apeejay Institute Of Mass Communication

Are we losing our time-honoured,age-old moral values?Well,the answer
to the question is yes.People have become self-centred,prejudiced,
materialistic & selfish in this modern world of cut throat competition.
I,me,my & mine have become the first priority rather than we,our,ours.
People always consider their personal benefit rather than the benefit of
the entire society.They very rarely think about their near ones & their immediate
neighbourhood.And when it comes to the country,the situation is even worse.People
always reiterate that they are patriotic & that they love their country.But ask them what
they have done for their country & silence is the only answer you get.Some will even
question you in return & ask what the country has done for them.Well,you were born in
this country,this country gave you an identity with which you are born today,you ate the
fruit & produce of this country’s land,you live & breathe in your motherland.,Is it not
enough?will you be able to repay your country’s debt?
what else you demand from a country?now is the time to repay the debt & do something
for the country we live in.Its our duty to contribute for the eco-socio-political
development of the country.No effort is small,we must not feel that we are alone in
helping the nation we live in,remember these lines


Pooja sareen- student, Apeejay Institute Of Mass Communication

India today is inundated with major problems.Newspapers,t.v,radio & day-to-day
conversation resolves around all sorts of problems-population,pollutions,scams,food
health,education,discrimination,terrorism,corruption,etc this list is unending.
Karl Marx once remarked “religion is the opium of the masses”.I feel the today the word
word ‘problem’ has replaced the word ‘religion’.
It seems that India today is a grip of problem-psychosis more than the problems.
What i mean is that many of the problems are imaginary,magnified & made complicated.
For instance,the Mandal Commission.The attempted solution to the problem became a
bigger problem then the problem itself.The Ayodhya Kand in recent became a big
problem.but the decision to it is still a problem.,the case has not been solve,land is still
not been divided.Perhaps this is also a true for most of the problems,which are either
generated from attempted solutions or magnified beyond proportions.
So,what is the solution? First of all,we have to change our perception.We have to
understand the problem in our own social & political context.Our attitude towards the
problem has to be positive & action oriented,rather than critical.
We have become very fond of telling the government & others ,what should be done.
“what can i do?” what should be my approach?If all of us do our bit,most of the problems
will be solved by themselves.This approach will stem bitterness & confrontation & we will
be at peace with each other.India is a vast country with millions of able,skillful,hard
working & loving people.It is very rich in resources & has tremendous potential for
growth.It is unfortunately that the so-called “system” is unable to harness this potential.
Rather than enabling the people to their best,the present system makes individual feel
insignificant among the one billion.There is a need to mobilize & motivate the human
resources of the country to its best.For this,a very fundamental need is to make every
individual feel like an important & useful member of the society.Education is the heart
of any solution we may think of,the problem of India.There is a need to revolutionize
the educational system,which should be focus of all efforts.
An old chinese proverb is very explicit of it,
“If u plan for a year, plant a seed.If you plan for ten years,plant a tree.If for 100 years,
teach the people.When you sow a seed once,you will reap a single harvest.When you
teach people,you will reap a hundred harvest.”

Rashmi sharma-student, Apeejay Institute Of Mass Communication

I still remember the day when I first saw Rommie, he was a young,well-built,enthusiastic and full of life person until he met me. I fell in love with you at the first sight though you didn’t show any interest in me. I was in the company of my very good friend Ryan,he was the one who introduced me to you. Initially you hesitated and gave me a dirty look but when Ryan forced you to take me you did and I could not decide how to react, actually it was a mixed feeling as I knew you will be mine soon but unfortunately you will lose yourself in the process of being mine which i never wanted but this is what I meant to do take toll on people’s life and I am really good at my work. After that first meeting we use to meet daily and soon we moved in to live together or i should say Rommie will die only I will live. Soon i became the first thing of your life from morning till the day ends..

But as it is said that not all love stories have the happy endings and our story was one of them. Ryan came to see Rommie one day,he wanted to warn Rommie of me as i had done the harm to Ryan in the past years and he did not want the same to happen to Rommie. I was sensible enough to know that Ryan’s words could bring end to our flourishing love story which will help me accomplish my task of killing Rommie. I tried to prove myself as innocent as I could but it did not have much impact on Rommie. After Ryan left Rommie gave me strange look and I realized that now we will not be together anymore and that is what happened when he decided to choose his life and family over me. His family was really happy for him as they were never in favor of our relationship. That was the last day I saw Rommie, he freed himself from the clutches of my love and started a new life. I saw Ryan one day and tried to have a conversation with him but he simply ignored my and i was all disappointed.

But I just have only one question from all of you what is my fault I just did my work for which i was made than why am I bad in the eyes of all, may be you all are jealous of my work because I am really good at it. But what is the use of pointing fingers at me when you all can’t have control on your cravings for me. I am sure one day i will meet my true love who will sacrifice everything for me even his life..waiting for that day..who will be the one..will you be the one ????

Khirki Masjid

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Khirki Masjid situated in South Delhi was built-in late 13th century by Khani-i-jahan Maqbul Tilangani, the Prime minister of Feroz shah Tuglaq of Tughlaq dynasty.
The mosque displays an unusual fusion of Islamic and traditional Hindu architecture. It is built-in area of 87m sq. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural heritage
(INTACH) has categorized the monument as Grade A in terms of archaeological value. It was the 43rd monument identified by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
for restoration before the 2010 commonwealth games however that never happened. It is sad to see our own cultural heritage collapsing due to sheer negligence of
people and authorities.
The khirki mosque is one of the rare covered masjids in India. There is only one mosque apart from this is which is covered and that is in south India. The mosque is a symbol of our rich heritage and it displays the solidarity of the Greta Delhi Sultanate Period. But it is sad to see that our culture is getting deteriorated and we are not doing anything in this regard. The Khirki masjid once the symbol of strength and power, today is just a neglected piece of architecture. Though the mosque has blackened with age but one can still feel the rich aura present in the mosque. Today it is place meant only for the locals to sit and chit-chat. Today it is searching for its lost identity among the posh malls of Saket (Select city walk, Mgf and Dlf ) fighting with all the climatic and physical hardships faced everyday.
It is our country our culture and we need to stand up to conserve our cultural heritage before it’s too late, before we lose our identity.


India a Democratic country”, Democracy of course we all know it has been coined from a Greek word i.e. Demos (people) and krato (power or authority), which means people who have the right to use their power, true, but their lies some restrictions with the use of the same. But somehow somewhere we feel that at some level people are misusing the word “krato” Though we can’t justify the actual reality of the misuse of the power, But we can coin the word *corruption* relating to the same issue. Civil servants who are being most academically strong people are termed as corrupted to some extent. Leaving the people at the higher stage or leaving the government, let’s talk about us “the common people“, a country is constituted by, two or more people, which further makes up certain groups, then it goes to form a society, societies and society make up communities, and then comes up our government, and finally government forms up the whole country. Nowhere we can say that at any stage of this is clean or free from corruption. As one person when further goes on making up a whole country by getting connected with others same goes with d corruption in their minds, even one person can make d whole country corrupt.
Now the question arises are we the common man ready to weed out corruption within ourselves?? We need to weed out corruption not from a person but from the whole country, if we challenge ourselves to clean out the dirty game from the country and from the people then we surely can, but first we need to clean the germs of corruption which are engraved within ourselves. Ever since childhood we are taught to give preference to self-interest than any other thing or person this phenomenon of self-interest has been explained by many scholars too, thus this trait of self-interest takes shape of corruption when we grow up as to reach our interests and needs, we are ready to do anything and also anyhow, and when this anything and anyhow comes, minds begin to step the ladder of corruption, and either the first or the top most step on that ladder distinction could be made between the steps or say levels but all in all person becomes corrupt and this is not in the life of a single human but everyone after all its “human nature.”
India no doubt is full of corruption, or say full of corrupt politicians and citizens as well, But remember the movie “Rang de basanti” had one dialogue “koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banana padhta hai* i.e. “no one is perfect for a nation, but they have to become perfect” and if we follow these lines and move on that path then nothing is impossible for us. Nowadays we feel that at every stage qualifications doesn’t matter, nor even the *truth* but what matters is the “money” Why? Who is responsible for this? Everyone knows the answer “WE” either proud or guilt?? Weeding out corruption is not something that is impossible to do, we should remember that this is a small rock which is, which was and which will be an obstacle in our development if not hammered. Nowadays the power lies with the people and specially the youth, no one can stop the power of youth if it challenges to come forward and fight for the game of money, rather than to begin or continue this game of money. “YES WE ARE READY TO WEED OUT CORRUPTION WITHIN US ONLY IF WE ARE ABLE TO CHANGE OUR SELF-INTEREST TO NATION INTEREST…”


English: This picture shows the Electronic Media

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“Media refers to a system of public reporting or mass communication. It is a medium of Public communication. It may take various forms say print media, electronic media, broadcast media, multimedia that incorporates forms of information content.”

Journalism is a little bit of everything. At its core it’s about communicating and informing. It is also about sharing, inviting and provoking. A journalist plays command and control role for the masses.

I wish to be journalist as journalism as a career has always fascinated me. I want to be journalist to come up with new ways and creativity to educate, entertain and aware the masses. As a journalist I want to write to be creative and interesting. I wish to get better and better in my work following the right path and education. I want to be leader who can lead from the front displaying the courage and strength to withstand all problems.

I think and I believe that I will be good at it as my Motto in life is:

“There is no point being the best as someone will replace you at some point of time, else be better so that whatever you do there is always a scope for doing better with no replacement.”

I have the capability to lead the people by providing them an appropriate forum for public criticism and compromise. I have the confidence to remain loyal, impartial and unbiased at all times and in all spheres of life. I don’t compete with the world but with myself to be prompt, responsible, sensitive, accurate and objective in my work.