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Pooja Sareen

Sunday late night an rave party was busted in Mumbai’s juhu. The party was taking place at the Juhu’s hotel Oakwood Premiere’s terrace. Around 100 people were arrested including two IPL players, according to sources 4 IPL players were present at the party 2 left before the raid.

Many foreign nationals including fashion designers and celebrities were also present at the party. All were detained by the police ans taken to hospital for medical examination.

Two cases had been made one of possession of drugs and other of consumption. The organizers and suppliers are yet to be tracked by the police.


Pooja Sareen

With the help of CCTV footage Delhi police recognized Bangalore IPL player K.P Appanna as a helper to Luke when he tried re-enter the room. Zohal said a skinny Indian Guy force to open the door of her room. Zohal said a skinny Indian Guy tried open her door of room and she tried closing door and hotel guard did nothing, he just stood there.

Zohal said Appanna also threatened her to withdraw the case against Luke, he also followed her in Primus hospital. She said a white guy accompanied with Luke also came to hospital to force her to drop the charges. Another group of 5-6 white men also tried meeting her for the same.

Pooja Sareen

A senior Karnataka government officer who bought many scams of state housing cooperative societies in light, died yesterday after he was beaten by the goons near Bangalore.

He had several head injuries and was on life support since Tuesday, died yesterday due to heart attack. Police is trying to look for clues and absence of eye-witness has made the case more difficult for the police.

S.P Mahantesh was attacked outside residence of Karnataka High Court justice on Palace road on Tuesday attackers were in car and hit him with a blunt object on his head. State home minister R Ashoka set up for teams for early breakthrough in the case.

According to Mahantesh’s family he had no enmity with anyone and he was attacked thrice before this incidence.

Pooja Sareen

How can a tweet can drop you in trouble, this can simply be answered by Sidharth Mallya, son on Business tycoon Vijay Mallya. Sidharth Mallya has been in trouble for his comment via tweet on Zohal  when she made a molestation charge against the IPL player Luke.

Sidharth Mallya tweeted, “ she was all over me last night and asked my BBM pin, so if her fiance she wasn’t behaving as a future wife.”

Zohal demanded an apology from him in 24 hours for his comment on her character. Her lawyer has also faxed Junior Mallya regarding the same.

Zohal has also submitted a written complaint to Delhi commission for women for this and DCW has assured action on Monday.

Pooja Sareen

Australian cricketer and current IPL player from RCB, Luke pomersbach gets bail in the case where he has been accused of molesting the US national Zohal Hamid and beating her fiance.

The court has also asked him to submit his passports and surety of Rs60,000 and also not to approach Zohal.

According to CCTV footage:-

At 5:11- 4 people including Luke and Zohal moves towards the room

At 5:12- Zohal knocked room nobody opened

At 5:13- Zohal calls security guard to open the door

At 5:14- Lukes gets closer to Zohal with a beer bottle in hand

At 5:15- Somebody opens the door from inside, all four enters inside

At 5:30- Zohal comes out of room, calls security guard

At 5:30-56- Luke comes out

At 5:31-44- Miraz(Zohal’s friend) comes out of room and takes back Zohal

At 6:15- Luke returns with 2 people

Zohal’s fiance is undergoing treatment at Chanakyapuri’s Primus hospital, now out of ICU, he has got ear surgery likely to be discharged today or tomorrow.

With all this Zohal also lodged complaint against 5 unknown people, 3 are IPL players for threatening to kill her if she doesn’t takes her complaint against Luke back.


Pooja Sareen

Online group of hackers attacked Supreme court’s and All India Congress Committee sites on Thursday protesting against censorship.

A tweet saying, “#namaste India, your time has come to trash the current government and install new one, goodluck.”  Also a 15 minute video was uploaded on youtube “operation India engaged”  talking of aristocracy of Indian Government.

Websites of Supreme court and All India Congress Committee were hacked, Supreme Court’;s website was bought back to work within sometime but AICC website remained inactive for the entire day.

A tweet from the account @opindia_revenge said it targeted website of department of telecommunication about it was back quickly. Many other website like Delhi government portal were also hacked for some time.

Pooja Sareen

In a shocking incidence from Unnao 60km from Lucknow a teacher has been booked for raping a student, not only rape but also tried for terminating her pregnancy with the help of a school cook.

When the girl started bleeding and got unconscious she was admitted to hospital by her parents, she is critical now.

Government has ordered enquiry into the matter as may be many other students may be sexually exploited by the teacher.

Pooja Sareen

Shuaib Chaklan, Special rapporteur on disability with UN’s commission for social development alleged that he was manhandled and his boarding pass was marked paralysed (sic) during his flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

During checking he was also asked to shift from his wheelchair to another as the security person declined to do his checking on his chair.

He also said that he was not provided even with aisle wheelchair so that he could move easily but he was not even provided that and was carried like a sack of potato.

This is not the first time that such shameful incidence has come into light but before Jeeja Ghosh and Anjilee Aggarwal also faced such harassment by the airport staff.


Pooja Sareen

Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna on thursday confirmed his visit to Pakistan in  the month of July. Krishna will visit Pakistan in 3rd week of July from 20-22 July.

Discussion of many issues are on cards such as trade, 26/11, and even Hafiz saeed, and many more such issues will be discussed in his visit to Pakistan.

Pooja Sareen

Celebrating Kolkata Knight Rider’s victory over Mumbai Indians made SRK to lose his cool, according to sources SRK reached Wankhede Stadium after celebration and got into a scuffle with security gaurds.

According to Mumbai cricket association officials SRK lost his cool when MCA mentioned to file complaint in police against him for his behaviour. According to Mumbai Cricket association joint secretary SRK also abused MCA and BCCI officials.

According to people close to KKR team SRK felt offended when he was denied entry to the stadium and security officials talked rudely to him.