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Pooja Sareen

Calling her government better than of Samajwadi party, Mayawati said that be it Mulayam or his son Akhilesh both have similar thoughts.

Mayawati called Samajwadi party as bias to Dalit for scrapping 26 schemes started by Bahujan samaj Party’s government for Dalit. She said that not only development has come to halt but also law and order of the state is also at stake, people fear for life.

She also said that SP flag on vehicles has become a license to commit wrongful act and with this she also said that SP workers are harassing BSP workers.


Pooja Sareen

Though elephant era of Mayawati has ended but the elephant statues has bought Maya in another trouble, which showed irregularities of 40,000 crore in the construction  of memorials and parks

Names of many are figured out in the Lokyukta reports and the CBI investigations in this scam. Akhilesh Yadav on this said,” I can assure you that the whole scam is of around Rs40k crore”, “boundary walls were constructed and demolished several times. Money was wasted on every head. Even the palm trees planted were overpriced. Several of them are lying at Jiyamau while others have been buried. Only a few elephant statues have been recovered and many more will emerge during investigation.”

Police also raided offices of Rajkiya Nirman Nigam which constructed these memorials on Monday.

Pooja Sareen

Facing corruption charges against him and case of illegal mining which was quashed by the Karnataka High Court, Yeddy praised Sonia Gandhi and her party saying that if any member of their party would be in trouble their entire party would be protective and supportive to that member unlike BJP in which everyone try to pull chair and grab someone else’s position.

He also attacked his successor Gowda calling him a betrayer for not vacating CM post.

On his resignation Yeddy said, “ I will take a decision at an appropriate time consulting my ministers and leaders”.

Pooja Sareen

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal declared that if the union government fails to bring a strong lokpal bill by 22nd May then they will launch another nationwide movement under India Against corruption movement.

On Saturday while interacting with the volunteers of the India against corruption said that the Lokpal Bill should be passed or another nationwide protest will be launched. He mentioned three things in that firstly, assemblies should be referred to the gram sabhas and maholla sabhas for people’s opinion. Secondly, MPs and assemblies should make their sace based on people’s will and thirdly, looting of land of poor farmers by corporate must stop. With this he also mentioned that land can be transferred only after farmers written elaborate agreements and mainly strong Lokyuktas in every state.

Pooja Sareen

Anna Hazare said that he would be happy to welcome General V.K Singh in his movement in fight against corruption if General is interested in joining it.

Anna said,” we need like-minded people in our team and if interested, General VK Singh is welcome to join us after his retirement. It would be his choice”.

On this Kiran bedi expressed her opinion by tweeting “Anna’s invite to General V K is most appropriate. Imagine if ex-servicemen join Anna they can become a formidable voice against corruption”.

Pooja Sareen

Both the houses of the parliament faced disruptions and protests due to the Dr. BR Ambedkar’s cartoon published in the NCERT textbook.  The cartoon showed Dr. Ambedkar  sitting on a snail and the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru standing behind him, brandishing a whip. It also had a text alongside depicting he went slow on framing the constituition.

The cartoon is in the 9th standard textbooks since 2006, Kapil Sibal saying on this issue said that NCERT was directed t remove the cartoon till April 26 this year and was removed three days before. HRD minister Kapil Sibal apologized for this and said we had a great respect for him there is no question of maligning him.

Pooja Sareen

Hyderabad court today granted conditional bail to former Karnataka Minister Janardhan Reddy in the OMC mining case. According to the chargesheet Reddy entered into criminal conspiracy with the public servants for mining leases for area of 68.5 hectares and 39.5 hectares to grant to OMC.

Janardhan Reddy and his wife Aruna lakshmi’s owned Deccan Mining syndicate and Associated Mining corporation are facing charges of illegal mining.

SP’ism or Goondaism

Samajwadi (Socialist) Party rally

Samajwadi (Socialist) Party rally (Photo credit: Al Jazeera English)

Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

People of UP may have given a good bye to BSP and unaccepted the government of Congress and BJP but incidence and aftershocks after choosing of Samajwadi Party would have given a thunder shock to the people and may have even put them in a confusion whether they have chosen a right candidate or right government or not.

Ever since Samajwadi party has won the elections complains and incidence of there “Goonda acts” are started coming in limelight.

 The very first one was on 6th March on the day of declaration of result itself and this was the killing of a small boy during firing of shots in victory by the SP workers which mistakenly got struck on a small boy who died. This was an incidence of Sambhal where a 12 year boy was killed during celebratory firing.

The second incidence came from Jhansi where SP candidates assaulted the journalist present at the counting centre and later locked them in the rooms for many hours.

The third incidence came from Sitapur where SP workers tried to put independent candidate’s house on fire, these workers are said to be supporters of SP MLA Jeena Babu, though two were arrested by police,  reports also says that they even open fire at the suppoters of that independent candidate in which 4 people were injured.

On all these incidence party’s youth leader Akhilesh Yadav said that strict actions will be taken against all those who are responsible for the same and he further issued strict instructions for the party workers on the same.


Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Election results seems to be a thunder shock for many but the worst affected in Up was the UP CM mayawati. Mayawati who while visiting to the Governor B.L Joshi yesterday didn’t even preferred to enter from the front gate where media was waiting for her rather she prefered to enter from the other gate playing hide and seek with the media.

Mayawati submitted her resignation letter to the Governor and then came out for the interaction with the media. While talking to the media she said that she took over the post of Chief minister in 2007 and in very difficult circumstances she formed her governmnet and in last five years she dedicated for the development of the state and succeeded too despite of negative attitude of the centre and opposition.

She said she also worked for the development and upliftment of the minorities, dalits and poor and took up all possible measures for their upliftment.

For her loss and SP’s victory she blamed BJP and Congress with their campaign on the quota issue. She said the Congress had first promised a quota for the minorities from the reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs), which the BJP used to garner support from the OBCs and upper castes. She said ultimately, the Samajwadi Party reaped the benefits of all this, with the minorities, in particular, voting in large numbers for it.

She said the people would soon get tired of the style of functioning of the SP, and remarked that the state had witnessed some glimpses of this yesterday itself, referring to the incidents of violence in a few places during victory celebrations by SP supporters.

Pooja Sareen, Student, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Victory seems not just enough for choosing the CM of a state, the suspense continues on who will take the responsibility of CM of Uttar Preadesh? Exit poll and poll result giving the same equation of SP’s victory in the 2012 elections, giving a thunder shock to parties like BSP, Congress and BJP who ended their campaign blaming each other which gave a narrow escape for  Samajwadi party for the victory in these election.

The entire credit goes to the young leader Akhilesh Yadav son of Mulayam Singn Yadav who on his cycle gathered votes of the people and now who has become the voice of youth. But the suspense in the party continues over who will head and take party to further enlightenment by becoming the CM, while Akhilesh says in every interview that he and party workers wants Netaji i.e. Mulayam singh to be the CM but there is a big confusion over that as many party members say that they want Akhilesh to head as the CM of the state.

As till now there is no confirmation on who will head as the CM as party has decided to take final decision after Holi till then the mystery for all continues on this matter.